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Our Centre has many policies and procedures. These policies and procedures are written and reviewed in consultation with staff and families to provide continuity of high quality education, care and safety. Policies are written in consultation of legislative requirements and current best practises.

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Active Play Policy

Physical activity is vital for a child’s development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life. Regular activity and play has many benefits for children, including:
• building strong hearts, muscles and bones.
• developing movement and co-ordination.
• encouraging self-esteem.
• fostering social interaction skills.
• improving thinking skills, and
• developing emotional skills.

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COVID 19 Response To A Pandemic (Health and Safety) Policy

At Bangalow Community Children’s Service, we recognise that COVID-19 is an occupational health and safety matter that requires the implementation of new risk control measures to minimise the number of people becoming infected or sick with COVID-19.
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Record Management Policy

The service maintains records for the prescribed time frame outlined in the Children’s Services Regulations (2011), in a secure, confidential manner, that is easily and efficiently retrievable.
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Immunisation- Staff and Children Policy

Bangalow Community Children’s Centre is committed to preventing the spread of vaccine preventable diseases through monitoring and recording children’s immunisation history as well as embedding hygiene practices such as hand washing, effective cleaning procedures and implementing exclusion periods for infectious diseases.
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Workplace Health and Safety Policy

The workplace health and safety of all persons employed within the service, the children and families and those visiting the service is considered to be of the utmost importance. The service maintains clear policies and procedures that ensure that all persons attending the service are safe from harm and hazards and procedures to identify and attend to potential hazards and risks are in place.
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Sun Protection Policy

Support the protection of children and staff from over exposure to the UV rays of the sun.
Foster and promote positive attitudes towards sun protection.

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Child Protection Policy

All children have the right to feel safe, secure, respected and be free from risk of harm.
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Conflict Resolution Policy

Good working relationships between children, educators, families and the community is highly valued at this Service and considered a key element of best practice within the education and care environment. Effective communication strategies are utilised to ensure respectful communications and positive approaches to conflict are implemented.
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Fees Policy

Payment of fees are an imperative contribution to the smooth running of the centre. These payments ensure that the Centre has a working budget. Allocations from the budget can be used for the continuous upgrade of
supplies, equipment, cleaning and building maintenance and educator professional development. This is integral to achieving a safe, nurturing and educational environment for the children in our care.
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Authorisation Policy

The Bangalow Community Children’s Centre requires appropriate authorisation for enrolment, administration of medication, collection of children, participation in excursions, photography and yoga and the application of conditioner, sun block and Curash, to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of children within our care.
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Confidentiality Policy

BCCC recognises the importance of protecting the privacy of children, families, staff and the community through careful handling of personal and sensitive information collected by our service.
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Management And Governance Policy

BCCC is the approved provider and holds the legal responsibility for operating the Service. BCCC is a
community based, non profit organisation, managed by an honorary management committee, comprised of parents elected at the annual general meeting held in February. The Committee appoints a Nominated
Supervisor as being in charge of the day to day management of the Service and the Nominated Supervisor meets regularly with the President and reports monthly to the Management Committee.
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Enrolment And Orientation Policy

An Effective enrolment and orientation process ensures equitable access, sets the foundation for positive relationships with families and educators and supports a smooth transition into to the care and education service . By ensuring that documentation and authorisations are in place and that families are aware of relevant policies the safety and well being of children is ensured.
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Interactions With Children Policy

Children’s social and emotional wellbeing is enhanced in education and care environments where positive relationships are supported and developed through effective communication and interactions with Educators .
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Student And Visitor Policy

Students, visitors and volunteers are valued for their contribution to the service . The service aims to facilitate a mutually beneficial experience that enriches the program, supports community involvement and contributes to the experience and training of students and volunteers.
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Staff Policy

Bangalow Community Children’s Centre prides itself on providing quality education and care for young children, their families and the community. To achieve this we aim to employ highly skilled and committed early childhood educators.

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Accident Prevention Policy

Educators and support staff aim to identify potential hazards for each developmental stage, and take all precautions necessary to avert such events. The education and care service should allow children to play and learn in an environment that is safe, developmentally appropriate and free from hazards. Educators seek opportunities to increase and encourage parent/guardian and family awareness of accident prevention, and of their child’s ability to learn safety habits at an early age.
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Excursions Policy

Excursions are offered to the children throughout the year as part of the curriculum to enhance enjoyment,
child development, educational opportunities, and relationships with the wider community. Excursions are planned based on the children’s needs and interests and with consideration of their safety and overall well-being.
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Arrival and Departure Policy

BCCC is committed to ensuring the safety of children, families and staff when delivering and collecting children utilising the service..
All operations and practices by the service and staff members must comply to the Acts/Regulations required by New South Wales. Governing bodies.
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Lockdown Policy

Lockdown procedures are designed to secure staff ,children and visitors in the case of potential threats such as:
*Bad weather
*Toxic spills
*Livestock, dangerous creatures on the loose
*Dangerous Persons
*A disaster in the local community
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Evacuation Policy

Evacuation may be required in the event of a fire, chemical spill, bomb scare, earthquake, gas leak, flood, bush fire. Planning for and responding effectively to fire and emergency evacuations is important to ensure safety of children, staff, families and visitors to the service.
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Administering Medication Policy

It may be necessary to administer medication to support the health and wellbeing of children attending the service. To ensure children’s safety and wellbeing medication must be administered, stored and documented according to the regulatory guidelines and service procedures.
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Asthma Policy

The aim of good asthma management is to ensure that children can lead a normal healthy life, while taking only as much medication as is needed to keep them well, and avoid asthma attacks (Asthma Foundation NSW The Bangalow Community Children’s Centre is committed to ensuring that procedures are in place that enable children with asthma to fully participate in the program and be provided with rapid and appropriate care when required.
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Anaphylaxis Policy

Anaphylaxis is a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction. It is considered a medical emergency by the ASCIA and consent is not required to administer an EpiPen®. Up to two percent of the general population and up to five per cent of children are at risk. The most common causes in young children are eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, cow milk, bee or other insect stings, some species of plants, and some medications. Anaphylactic reactions can generally be prevented when precautions to minimise contact with known allergens are implemented, however, an emergency response is required should an anaphylactic reaction occur.
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Medical Conditions Policy

The Bangalow Community Children's Service aims to ensure all children are able to fully participate in the program. Children with medical conditions which may include, asthma, diabetes or anaphylaxis require special care and consideration to ensure the risks associated with their specific condition are minimised and Educators are able to promptly and effectively respond to each child’s individual needs.
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Parent Family Involvment Policy

Our service values and welcomes family members involvement and input in the operation of the service. The service aims to be responsive to and reflect the unique character of the families utilising the service and the community in which we are situated. Families are valued for the insight they offer regarding the education and care needs of their children and their participation is encouraged.
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Dental Care Policy

Bangalow Community Children’s Centre believes that good dental care, following a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water will lessen decay, plaque and gum disease.
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Suitable Clothing Policy

Staff and families work together to ensure that children have appropriate clothing for the climate and activities. Children’s clothing needs to be safe, comfortable and allow for independence.
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Head Lice Policy

Outbreaks of head lice are a common problem in educational care settings and can be difficult to contain.
The Service is not always the source of outbreaks. Outbreaks can come though siblings and social and sporting activities. Families have responsibility for assisting in the prevention and management of outbreaks of head lice through regular checks of the children’s hair and commencing immediate treatment when head lice are detected.
Routine mass head checks are no longer considered necessary.
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Hand Washing Policy

This Service promotes hand washing as a preventative measure in minimising the spread of infection and supporting a healthy environment.
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Infectious Diseases and Exclusion Policy

All children, staff, families and visitors have the right to be in an education and care environment that healthy and safe. Children and adults with potentially infectious illness or diseases will be excluded from the service and required to seek appropriate treatment to minimise the spread of infection. Children will be unable to return to the service without a clearance letter from the doctor. Staying Healthy in Child Care - Preventing infectious diseases in child care (2005) is used as a reference for decisions relating to infectious illness or diseases.
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Wellbeing Policy

Bangalow Community Children’s Centre endeavours to take all necessary actions to prevent incident, injury, trauma and illness within the service. However, we recognise that even with due diligence incident, injury, trauma and illness can still occur . Clear guidelines and procedures ensure a prompt and consistent response should an event occur.
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Positive Guidance of Childrens Behaviour Policy

Children learning to regulate and manage their behaviour in a variety of social contexts is an important life skill that enables them to be productive and valuable members of their community. The Bangalow Community Children’s Centre Educators work with families and children to create an environment that supports positive social interactions and self regulation by positively guiding children's behaviour through modelling, intentional teaching opportunities, guidance and support. Educators working with families seek to develop an understanding of the whole child and the factors that impact on them in order to develop guidance strategies that are relevant and appropriate to each child’s social and emotional well being.
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Inclusion Policy

Australia is a diverse society composed of people with different abilities, languages, beliefs and values. All deserve to be respected and valued within the education and care environment and the wider community. The Bangalow Community Children’s Centre is committed to ensuring that our service is offered fairly to families across the community and to develop an education and care environment that is inclusive and responsive to the unique needs of individual families.
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Supervision Policy

It is the responsibility of the staff to ensure all children are encouraged to play both by themselves and with others, exploring, imitating, constructing and creating. It is also the staff’s responsibility to keep a watchful eye on the children during this play to make sure they are not putting themselves at unnecessary risk.
At no time during the daily operations of the Centre are children to be left unsupervised.
At all times the appropriate child/adult ratio is maintained throughout the Service, as prescribed in the Child Care Regulations. Through continual supervision, staff will aim to ensure all children are cared for in an
environment that is safe for themselves and others.
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I take my hat off to you all. You do such an amazing job with the children and your ability to cater for each child's individual needs are exemplary

- Sandie