Bangalow Community Children's Centre

Our Philosophy

The children, families, educators, staff and all those that participate in Bangalow Community Children's Centre are valued for their unique contribution and role within the Service.

Early Childhood education is about fun and celebrating and exploring the joy and wonder of each moment. "Childhood is not solely or even mainly preparation for adulthood or for the futureā€”it is a time to be, to experience childhood" (Early Years Learning Framework, November 2009)

Children learn best through play and therefore it is important to encourage, support, plan for and utilise intentional teaching opportunities throughout this learning process.

Children from birth are competent and capable, active contributors to their own and others' learning.

Children benefit from participating in a wide range of experiences that are relevant to their life and that support their identity, self-esteem, creativity and critical thinking.

It is important to establish a caring place where children feel comfortable, in an environment that encourages new ideas, problem solving and positive attitudes for lifelong learning.

Diversity, inclusion, social justice and equity is respected and individual stories acknowledged and valued within the Service community.

Ongoing evaluation is integral to creating a responsive early childhood environment.

Partnerships with children, families and colleagues and the sharing of knowledge, enriches all learning opportunities.

Providing an open and welcoming environment and engaging in community activities enhances the development of respectful relationships.

Well qualified educators are essential to achieving high quality outcomes and best practices .

Educators regularly update and build on their early childhood skills and knowledge.

We are part of the global community and therefore share the responsibility of caring for the environment and contributing to a positive future.

Early Years Learning Framework, DEEWR 2009
National Quality Framework, 2011
Early Years Learning Framework Resource Kit, 2011

We make lots of different food. Today we made Vietnamese rolls with corriander out of our gardens.

- Zawadi