Bangalow Community Children's Centre


Our most valuable resource is our caring and highly qualified staff. Their exceptional skills and dedication create a happy and fulfilling environment for all the children and families participating in the Centre. Staff continually update their knowledge by reading current educational journals and attending inservices ensuring that they always provide the children with an enriching program in all areas of their interest and development.

All staff have up to date Senior First Aid certificates.



Diploma of Teaching, 3 Year Bachelor

More about Kerry

Kerry has 30 years experience working with children of all ages, including 10 years of experience as a Director of Children's Services.

Kerry has worked as the Director of this Centre since March 2007. She loves the Centre's children, families, staff and the great community it is part of. Kerry is dedicated to ensuring the best possible experiences and outcomes for all participants at the Centre.

Family, flying trapeze, good food, great friends, movies, art and holidaying are currently the highlights of Kerry's life whenever she has a spare moment.



Bachelor Teaching (Early Childhood Education)

More about Teresa

Teresa has been working in Early Childhood for over 30 years in preschools and long day care centres. 

Teresa is committed to working closely with the families in our community to create a secure , comfortable and relevant educational environment. Teresa's understanding that each child is a precious and unique individual is motivation to provide a supportive and challenging programme for each child. She excels in behaviour management, extending on children's interests and providing opportunites to evolve and enhance children's learning. 



Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood

More about Julie

Julie has 30 years experience working with children and has spent the most part of her career working here with us!

Julie imparts this wonderful experience each year, this year with the 3-4 year olds in the Middle Room.

Her strengths are music, art and craft and providing a nurturing environment for the children in her care. Her interests include surfing, travelling, staying active outdoors and spending time with her beautiful grandchildren.



Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood

More about Lindy

Lindy has a kind and gentle loving nature and is a great asset in the East Room, taking care of our beautiful under 2 year old children. Lindy is always singing and dancing with the children and they love following her around, joining in the words and movement. Lindy is also studying her Librarianship and so brings in great resources to share with the children.



Bachelor Social Science / Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood

More about Jen

Jen has worked in children's services since 1988 and this experience helps ensure a fun, educational environment for the under 2 year old children. Jen has a genuine love of working with children, social justice and community development.

Jen's family is important to her and that reflects in her careful consideration of the Centre families needs.



Bachelor Applied Science/Mathematics / Certificate III Children's Services

More about Grant

Grant was co-ordinator of Byron Bay Kidz Klub and has 15 years experience working in the Early Childhood industry. He is currently working with the 4-5 year olds in the West Room.

His great strengths include bringing lots of interesting experiences for the children into the Centre, making children and adults laugh with his awesome humour, being able to relate to children on their level and his '"Left and right python arms!".

He loves family camping trips, playing guitar, fishing, golf and he shares these passions with the children.



Certificate lll in Children's Services, P5 Parenting Course.

More about Jag

Jag has six years in the Childcare industry. He also has a 12 year old daughter Ruby, and years of experience with his step children, the oldest of which is 42 years old!

Jags strengths are humour, compassion, kindness, recognition that there is "no wrong, nor bad"-just feelings and actions that may need talking about and listening to. 

He is interested in building a better world, by fostering emotional intelligence, leading to a softer, gentler approach to life. Surfing is as close to religion for Jag as anything. He loves being in nature, calling it his "tonic", especially waterfalls and deserts. Jag also loves art and music, and The Sharkies (of the Shire-NRL).



Certificate III in Children's Services
Studying Diploma in Children's Services.

More about Angela

Angela has 11 years experience in the Early Childhood industry and we have been lucky enough to have had her as a part of our team working at the Centre for this same amount of time!

Angela is a very well organised asset, covering everybody's breaks and programming. Having grown up in Bangalow, she has great knowledge of the local community. Angela has strong family values and is always helpful, friendly and approachable.



Diploma in Children's Services

More about Narelle

Narelle has had over 40 years experience in Early Childhood Education and is still loving it! She worked in Long Day Care in Sydney for 18 years and then at Ocean Shores Preschool for 13 years before joining us at Bangalow Community Children's Centre.

Narelle is hard working and always up to challenges. She is caring, enthusiastic, compassionate and loves cuddles! She has great repore with parents and children, and loves spontaneous activites such as music, singing, dancing, reading stories and gardening.



Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

More about Christina

Christina has 6 years experience in the Early Childhood industry, working in different centres throughout Sydney, where she finished her Diploma and became room leader. She then moved forward to continue her career in Early Childhood Education in the Northern Rivers, starting work at Bangalow Community Children's Centre in October 2015 where she is a permanent part-time educator. 

Christina is a very creative person who loves to dabble in mixed-media collage, watercolour painting and drawing. She is very enthusiastic about plants and gardening and loves to make spaces aesthetically pleasing. She loves setting up inspiring learning spaces for children, and a has a strong understanding of the EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework). She loves surfing and being out and about in nature. 



Certificate III in Children's Services

More about Lou

Staff look forward to Lou walking through the door as she arrives to give them some much needed programming time. Lou knows all the children and families and very happily fits into each room.

Lou also supports the community as a member of the Fire Services and is presently studying nursing.

Family is very important to Lou, who has 3 beautiful children she loves to nuture.



Master of Education
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Studies)
International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy
NNEB Diploma in Nursery Nursing

More about Helen

Helen has worked in children's services for 18 years and has been working at Bangalow Community Children's Centre since 2012. She is enthusiastic, positive and sensitive to the needs of children.

Helen is an Early Childhood teacher in the preschool room. She provides support for children with additional needs and their families, and delivers the social skills program PALS. Helen loves children's natural curiosity and creativity and enjoys providing opportunities for them to learn through play. She is enthusiastic and sensitive to the needs of children , has positive communication skills and has a desire to learn more through Professional Development opportunities. 

Some of Helen's interests include yoga, travelling, sailing, diving, cycling, walking and cooking.



Certificate lll in Children's Services

More about Matt

Matthew has 5 years experience in Early Childhood Education. He is a dad of 4, and "was a child once!". Children have a natural attraction to him, likely because of his patient,fun and easy going nature. Matthew values the education of children.

Matthew believes his role is to 'protect and serve' and his strengths are finger painting, out of tune guitars and sleeping. (Matthew also clearly sees himself as a bit of a comedian!).



Diploma Early Childhood Education, Cert III in Children's Services, Legal Studies.

More about Janelle

Janelle has 18 year experience in Early Childhood Education, in various roles such as special needs, director, room leader, educational leader and OSHC co-ordinator. 

Janelle has many strengths such as her organisational skills, follow through skills, listening and building and sustainig relationships with children and families.

Janelle has a passion for living by and teaching about environmental sustainability and combatting a disposable society! She continues to educate herself and loves learning new skills, reading, art and music. She also loves having a good laugh and a social gathering with friends!



Diploma of Early Childhood Education, Macquarie University Sydney.

More about Fi

Fiona has been working in early childhood education for the past 40 years in preschools and long day careas well as OOSH an NCAC (which was the National Childcare Accreditation Council). Fiona has a lively personality and a great passion for children and social justice.

Fiona has had a diverse range of experiences in many centres across Australia and overseas and this experience shows as she provides amazing learning environments for the children at our centre. 

Fiona loves yoga, meditation, craft ,pottery, swimming, bush walks and her family and friends. 



Advanced Diploma in Children's Services

More about Deborah

Deborah has worked at this Centre for 17 years and 4 years at Federal and Clunes Preschool with 3-5 year olds. 

Deborah is a supportive, nurturing part of our team and creates great friendships with the children. She reads wonderful stories, sets up amazing experiences and gives lovely cuddles. Deborah spends time in all of the rooms throughout the day as she relieves educators for programming and break times and the children just love her enthusiastic, bubbly nature!

Deborah loves beaching, swimming, gardening and being with her two adult children, their partners and her grandchildren. 



Diploma in Early Childhood Education.
Certificate III in Children's Services
Diploma in Millinery & Tailoring, Theatrical Costuming & Set Design
Diploma in Professional Styling.
Studying Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.

More about Lorraine

Lorraine works with the under 2 children in the East Room 5 days a week. Lorraine is very knowledgeable about the children and their needs and is integral in communication with staff and families and management. Lorraine sees to all the children's needs, making sure they are comfortable, happy and safe.

Lorraine's makes exquisite costumes, loves helping people choose the clothes and styles that make them look great and is a very good friend.



Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)

More about Susan

Susan has more than 30 years experience in teaching children, and after working with us for a number of years, Susan is now a regular casual staff member. She is exceptionally skilled at listening to children and helping them fulfill and expand their intersts.

Susan is very interested in art and brings an array of wonderful experiences into the Centre.

The dedicated staff are the important ingredient in making this the wonderful Centre that it is.

- Jenny - Sylvie's Mum